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Homeopathic consultation
Homeopathic Consultation
10 Myths about Homeopathy
myths about homeopathy
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why choose homeopathy
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Just One Drop

Just One Drop

Alberta Homeopathic Association brings you this special screening of Just One Drop on Tuesday the 28th of November at 7:00pm at The Plaza Theatre, Calgary. Purchase your tickets for the screening of Just One Drop and learn some wonderful facts about Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a medicine that people love, or people love to hate. Critics love to attack it. It’s been called everything from “ pseudo science” to “the ultimate fake medicine”.  But what about all the people who have been helped […]

Is Homeopathy Covered Under Insurance?

Is Homeopathy Covered by Insurance?

Is homeopathy covered by insurance? Unfortunately homeopathy is not covered by the national health insurance plan in Alberta, Canada and is not realistic to expect it to be added in the nearest future, especially when so many other complementary therapies are being reduced or discontinued. However, many third party health insurance plans cover the fees for homeopathic consultation. Please inquire at your insurance provider about your individual coverage. Many companies that offer Extended Health Care Plans cover expenses associated with homeopathic […]

Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathic consultation

Usually people who are new to Homeopathy ask me: What is the first homeopathic consultation all about? What do you do during the first visit? The shorter answer is: The homeopathic consultation consists of asking questions and more importantly listening most attentively to the answers. If you are looking for a more detailed answer, here is why. Homeopathic consultations are very different from an average appointment with a doctor. The homeopath do not diagnose medical problems. If you need a […]

Homeopathic hiking first aid kit

Homeopathic first aid kit for hiking

Is your homeopathic  first aid kit for hiking ready? Let’s have a look into and go quickly through the most helpful remedies that should not be missed on your homeopathic kit. Hiking is one the most popular outdoor recreation activity in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Being in the heart of wilderness, far away from closet town, it is good to be prepared in case of injuries. If the injures are treated promptly, most of them are minor. Remember homeopathic remedies are […]

Homeopathy - for stress

Homeopathy can help you to cope the stress.

Stress is inseparably part of daily life and homeopathy can help you to cope the stress. When we encounter a stressful situation, the whole body is mobilized to face or avoid it. Stress – part of our life. Most of the time, stress is understood as a factor in the external environment, which acts on us and causes a reaction to occur. More specifically, a trigger factor, which may be: dismissal, workplace or family conflicts, etc. Actually, the external factor […]