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Hepatitis – homeopathic treatment

hepatitis homeopathy

Hepatitis - homeopathic treatment Preliminary diagnosis: Hepatitis Patient: man, age 36. Date of the first visit: 04.01.2013 Case description: The patient has been diagnosed with Hepatitis D since 1996. Complaints at the moment of the initial consultation: pain in the right hypochondrium of abdomen, acid reflux, frequent bloating, aggravated by consumption of beans and vegetables, primarily in the afternoon. The patient often has gastric pains, with burning sensations in the stomach area. All the symptoms are aggravated in the afternoon. He hardly wakes up in the morning and … [Read more...]

Headaches during pregnancy – homeopathic treatment


Headaches during pregnancy - homeopathic treatment Preliminary diagnosis: Headaches during pregnancy Patient: woman, age 28. Case description: A 28 years-old lady in her first pregnancy trimester came to me with the following complaints: headaches that began during pregnancy, the aches are daily, sharp and heavy, which start from 3 p.m. and last during the rest of the day, rarely she wakes up with these existing headaches.  She has tension headache, diffuse,  dull pain more focused on temples; it is aggravated with exposure to light, motion and noises and relieved when cold packs … [Read more...]

Anxiety and depression – homeopathic treatment

anxiety depression homeopathic treatment

Anxiety and depression Patient: woman, age 58 Main complain: anxiety and depression Date of the initial visit: June 6, 2013 Case description: The condition debuted on March 1, 2013, at a street open-air concert, in the crowd, a panic attack stroke with bouts of great fear, vertigo and palpitations, the patient fainted. One month later, the same symptoms repeated. The patient visited a neurologist, where she was diagnosed with vegetative crisis of the nervous system, for which a conventional treatment was prescribed. The patient has undergone this treatment for a while with no effect, and … [Read more...]

Bedwetting – homeopathic treatment

homeopathic treatment bedwetting

 Patient: boy, age 9. Case description A woman with a 9 years old child came at the clinic, with the following problem: the child has difficulties controlling his urination during the day and wets the bed at night. Enuresis is primary, thus the problem has been always present. The accidental bedwetting happens quite often, almost every other day, at night he wakes up rarely to go to the toilet. Beside that problem, the child also suffers from eye twitching (frequent winking), which appeared 2 years ago, when he started attending school. He sleeps restlessly, changing his sleeping position … [Read more...]