Top 10 homeopathic remedies for an easy delivery

Homeopathic remedies easy deliveryAfter nine months of a beautiful and harmonious pregnancy, the moment when you will hold the love of your life in your arms finally comes. The 38-40 weeks also prepare the woman’s body for the big event, which is experienced individually by each person. We already know about the Homeopathy during pregnancy and its benefits, but still many of the expectant mothers are asking about how homeopathy can make the delivery easier?

There are many homeopathic remedies, which, if properly administered, can prepare the women for the labor in the most natural way possible and with no complications. In this case, Cimicifuga (Acteea racemosa), Caulophyllium, Pulsatilla, Aconitum, and Gelsemium will be of great help. If we take a superficial look at the Materia Medica, we will note the following:

– Cimicifuga will prevent stiffness of the uterine cervix and will prepare birth canals for an easy delivery.

– Caulophyllum is another highly effective remedy in preparation of labor, helping to produce good contractions and prevent the woman from getting tired during delivery. If administering Caulophyllum in the last weeks of pregnancy, while Arnica before the expulsion of fetus, the probability of bruises and bleeding will be minimized.

– Pulsatilla is highly recommended in delays in delivery and helps to change the position of the fetus as it acts on the abdominal oblique muscles. Pulsatilla is known as a “plant forceps” like Aconitum is a „plant scalpel”. However, Pulsatilla will not replace the forceps where there is a wrong fetal position already at the time of delivery or a blockage.

Gelsemium is highly useful in case of false labor pains.  Jasmine is one of the most useful plants for an obstetrician, as it helps to soften and open the uterus.

– When labor begins, and the contractions are frequent, but irregular, the parturient is agitated, anxious, fearing she will die during delivery; in this case, Aconitum will calm her down.

– If the contractions are painful, originating at the lower back and radiate down, the parturient is exhausted and angry during examination, being over-sensitive to the pain; in that case Chamomilla will bring her relief.

Homeopathy can also help immediately after the delivery:

– In case of an episiotomy or a C-section, Staphysagria can play a major role as it helps the wound heal faster and with no complications.

– Post partum, during lactation, contractions and pain in the uterus still persist as the pituitary gland continues to release oxytocin. Usually, these pains disappear shortly after birth. If these pains are felt across the pelvic area, making walking very painful, then Bellis perennis will improve the patient’s state. In case of spasmodic pains, felt across the lower abdomen, especially after a long and tiresome labour, in that case Caulophyllum will bring relief. If the pain radiates towards the upper part, there is a heavy feeling in the lower abdomen, and the pelvic organs are felt as if they are falling down, then Sepia is recommended.

Homeopathy is a mild, eco-friendly and effective medicine; it can be used by pregnant women to have an easy birth, but only under the homeopath’s supervision. Homeopathic remedies will help the delivery to be as smooth as possible and leave only happy memories.


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