Anxiety and depression

anxiety depression homeopathic treatmentPatient: woman, age 58

Main complain: anxiety and depression

Date of the initial visit: June 6, 2013

Case description:

The condition debuted on March 1, 2013, at a street open-air concert, in the crowd, a panic attack stroke with bouts of great fear, vertigo and palpitations, the patient fainted. One month later, the same symptoms repeated. The patient visited a neurologist, where she was diagnosed with vegetative crisis of the nervous system, for which a conventional treatment was prescribed. The patient has undergone this treatment for a while with no effect, and then turned to homeopathy.

At the moment of the visit the patient had the following symptoms: general weakness with a “melting” and dying feeling; despair, she feels like she will never recover. Anxiety with inner tremor and huge fear of death, which aggravates when she is alone, that is why she never leaves home unaccompanied. Short-lasting headache, in the temporal region, felt as if “a red-hot knife is thrust into the skull”. This condition periodically aggravates, with a blood pressure of 180/90 mm Hg, and huge fear of imminent death.  During the last three months, she lost 10 kg. She is afraid of the dark, heights, death, elevator and narrow spaces. The patient is very sensitive and holds her emotions inside. At the age of 34, she had a car accident, which scared her very much, being in the 7th month of pregnancy she worried for her and her child’s life. Sometimes she feels like she has a lump in throat feeling. She has bad nights and hardly falls asleep, easily wakening up at night. She is a cold-natured person. Physical symptoms include dry mouth, thirst and drinking water in small sips. Also, we find that she has a dry stool, once in two days.

Decision: Aconitum 200CH was prescribed.

Follow up #1, after a month: the vegetative crises are manifested less often and are less intense. The patient is more self-confident. There are no faintness episodes. Short-lasting headaches, the sensation of “red-hot knife throbbing inside the skull” is no longer present. Blood pressure is 145/95 mmHg. She falls asleep more easily, but still wakes up in the middle of the night, although without anxiety attacks. The lump in throat feeling has disappeared. The fear of leaving home unaccompanied is still present.

Decision: Wait. No medication.

Follow up #2, after 2 months since first visit: following the last visit no vegetative crises were registered. No headaches, no “red-hot knife” sensation. Her appetite has increased, and she gained 4 kg. She does not panic anymore. She is full of energy. Blood pressure is 110/90 mmHg. She still has difficulty in falling asleep, wakes up in the middle of the night, at 1-2 o’clock, and hardly falls back to sleep. The dry mouth sensation is still present, she drinks water in small sips and very often. She has no constipation.

It should be mentioned that the patient came alone, travelling more than 100 km to reach the clinic. It is prescribed to take Arsenicum album 200CH.

Follow up #3, after two months since last: the vegetative crises of the previous three months have disappeared. No headaches. The sleep is peaceful, without awakening. No dry mouth sensation. ‘I have other thoughts already, and I stopped looking at life through dark lenses, the colours are back’.

Follow up by phone: after 6 months since first visit, I was contacted by phone, the patient is feeling good, no vegetative crises, the sleep is peaceful, no complaints.  The patient travelled by air (the distance is more than 2400 km), and it should be mentioned that she flew unaccompanied, without friends or relatives.

The case continued to be monitored until the problem disappeared.


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All the success stories described herein are real cases, and I personally prescribed a homeopathic treatment plan to these patients. The results of homeopathic treatment may vary, and these examples should not be seen as typical or ordinary. Nonetheless, these samples describe at their best the effects that homeopathy can have in case of an appropriate homeopathic prescription.

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