hepatitis homeopathy

Hepatitis – homeopathic treatment

Hepatitis – homeopathic treatment

Preliminary diagnosis: Hepatitis

Patient: man, age 36.

Date of the first visit: 04.01.2013

Case description:

The patient has been diagnosed with Hepatitis D since 1996. Complaints at the moment of the initial consultation: pain in the right hypochondrium of abdomen, acid reflux, frequent bloating, aggravated by consumption of beans and vegetables, primarily in the afternoon. The patient often has gastric pains, with burning sensations in the stomach area. All the symptoms are aggravated in the afternoon. He hardly wakes up in the morning and is tired. He is an extrovert, cold-natured, sweats in the subaxillary area with specific scent. He prefers to eat sweets, the condition being aggravated by fatty products, dislikes seafood. He has constipations. For 1 year he has been suffering from painful hemorrhoids, with no bleeding. Diffuse multiple lipomas  – soft, fatty lumps that grow under the skinare present.

Laboratory investigations, at the time of visit, results in the following changes:

AsAT (aspartat aminotransferasis) with values 88,9 u/l, compared to the reference values.

AlAT (alanin aminotransferasis) with values 112,9 u/l, compared to the reference values.

After the case analysis Lycopodium clavatum 200CH was recommended.

The treatment dynamic according to the paraclinical results has the following evolution:


03.01.2013 07.03.2013 29.07.2013 19.12.2013 norma
AlAT 112,9 87,7 79,0 70,0  < 41 u/l
AsAT 88,9 79,4 58,3 55,9 < 38 u/l



The laboratory data from 2011 showed a viremia of 525.993 UI/ml; under homeopathic treatment it dropped to 13.884 UI/ml. Also the AlAT and AsAT (indicators of liver damage) dropped, that shows improvement in liver function.

The patient’s physical condition has also improved: the patient feels stronger, no more fatigue, sleeps well and peacefully. No more bloating. The hemorrhoids do not bother him anymore. The burning sensation in stomach also disappeared, has no acid refluxes.

Hepatitis D is a liver infection and you can only get it if you already have hepatitis B. Hepatitis D is very rare and there is no cure for it. No pharmacological treatment for HDV has been approved, however Interferon has been used in hepatitis to manage chronic infection and lead to remission from the disease. This case shows that hepatitis can be managed by homeopathic treatment improving function of liver and to prevent the liver failure.



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All the success stories described herein are real cases, and I personally prescribed a homeopathic treatment plan to these patients. The results of homeopathic treatment may vary, and these examples should not be seen as typical or ordinary. Nonetheless, these samples describe at their best the effects that homeopathy can have in case of an appropriate homeopathic prescription.

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