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7 Reasons to use homeopathy for children

Homeopathy for children

The most fascinating but at the same time the hardest job is to be a parent. Your life changes completely when you become a parent and revolve around your children and their happiness.  You try to give them the best of everything: good food, safe environment, proper hygiene, qualitative health care and education. When your child is not feeling good and have some health issues you can’t concentrate on nothing else except relieving your kid’s sufferings as soon as you can. In situations like this, homeopathy can help your child restore health in a gentle and natural way by stimulating the … [Read more...]

Bedwetting – homeopathic treatment

homeopathic treatment bedwetting

 Patient: boy, age 9. Case description A woman with a 9 years old child came at the clinic, with the following problem: the child has difficulties controlling his urination during the day and wets the bed at night. Enuresis is primary, thus the problem has been always present. The accidental bedwetting happens quite often, almost every other day, at night he wakes up rarely to go to the toilet. Beside that problem, the child also suffers from eye twitching (frequent winking), which appeared 2 years ago, when he started attending school. He sleeps restlessly, changing his sleeping position … [Read more...]