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Homeopathic consultation

Homeopathic Consultation

Usually people who are new to Homeopathy ask me: What is the first homeopathic consultation all about? What do you do during the first visit? The shorter answer is: The homeopathic consultation consists of asking questions and more importantly listening most attentively to the answers. If you are looking for a more detailed answer, here is why. Homeopathic consultations are very different from an average appointment with a doctor. The homeopath do not diagnose medical problems. If you need a diagnosis, I encourage you to see a doctor. During your appointment homeopath will like to find out as … [Read more...]

Benefits of Homeopathy

Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathy dates back to the late 1700s, and today the World Health Organization recognizes it as “the second largest therapeutic system in use in the world.”  The 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) showed that an estimated 5 million American adults and 1 million children used homeopathy in the previous year. Homeopathic remedy improves the level of health by stimulating the self-regulatory mechanism of healing. There are many benefits of homeopathy. Homeopathy: a holistic approach Homeopathy looks beyond the labels of disease, and it cures their causes rather than merely … [Read more...]

Homeopathic remedies for headaches

Homeopathy headaches

  Homeopathic remedies for headaches For headaches homeopathy offers hundreds of possible remedies, so the key is finding which homeopathic remedy most closely matches your symptoms. The process of homeopathic prescription-making seems to be simple, but in fact it is quite complex and requires a detailed knowledge of remedies. The aim of this article is not about lobbying self-treatment, which most of the times will be fruitless and will cause great disappointment. This article shows the importance of small details in the prescription that the patient can observe in … [Read more...]

Hepatitis – homeopathic treatment

hepatitis homeopathy

Hepatitis - homeopathic treatment Preliminary diagnosis: Hepatitis Patient: man, age 36. Date of the first visit: 04.01.2013 Case description: The patient has been diagnosed with Hepatitis D since 1996. Complaints at the moment of the initial consultation: pain in the right hypochondrium of abdomen, acid reflux, frequent bloating, aggravated by consumption of beans and vegetables, primarily in the afternoon. The patient often has gastric pains, with burning sensations in the stomach area. All the symptoms are aggravated in the afternoon. He hardly wakes up in the morning and … [Read more...]