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10 Myths about Homeopathy

myths about homeopathy

10 Myths about Homeopathy Homeopathy is just “sugar” and placebo effect It is the most frequent statement made by those who oppose homeopathy and also forms a part of the group of questions asked by people who have doubts about trying a homeopathic treatment. The placebo effect is present both in the allopathic and homeopathic treatments. However, this effect is still a long way to overcome the placebo effect met in the conventional treatment. The action of the homeopathic remedy is much superior to the mechanism of self-suggestion, as proved by the efficacy of homeopathic … [Read more...]

Why should I choose homeopathy?!

why choose homeopathy

There has been an increasingly general interest in homeopathy recently. There are many reasons for which patients turn to homeopathy. One of them is the desire to use less harmful and toxic medical services, a more natural medicine, with minimum adverse effects. Another reason is the over-saturation with the allopathic medicine, which recently is used abusively and often unjustifiably. Since you are reading these lines, I hope you are looking for an alternative to chemical medicines, which constantly inundate us with advertisements and poison us more than they heal us. Modern medicine, as … [Read more...]