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We decided to try homeopathy when our doctor told us that my 4-year-old daughter needed to have some ventilation tubes mounted in her ears because she had recurrent episodes of otitis in each cold season and liquid accumulated in her middle ear. Tatiana Savciuc came to help us after she saw our post on social media where I was asking for advice on how to deal with our health problem. We underwent the prescribed treatment and, now, a month later, my daughter feels better and she does not cough anymore, and no longer has nasal discharge and liquid in her ears! We are very thankful to her!

-Viorica // Las Vegas, USA

I have so many things to say and I understand that some of those who will read my post will think it is a pure and simple advertising, but I cannot help but saying it!!!Mrs. Tatiana is my daughter’s guardian angel in this world! Unfortunately (and this will torment me for the rest of my life), I wasted too much time hesitating to start using homeopathy. We sought help when everything seemed hopeless; I kept avoiding taking unknown treatments, unapproved by doctors, because these were labeled as experiments on children or sugar pills and placebo effect!!!At 3 weeks of age, my daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia; a week later, after conventional treatment, we were informed that our child’s condition had worsened; thus, we had to take more and more antibiotics (more powerful third-generation antibiotics). From that moment on, all our nightmares started! With diarrhea for four months, no probiotic or prebiotic available in Moldovan drugstores helped her; thanks to homeopathy, the problem was solved within two days (we tormented our child for four months instead of taking such a simple remedy!!!).

She had sleep problem – she could not sleep more than 15-30 min even at night, she would wake up always crying and could cry for hours. After taking homeopathic medicines I had to check her breathing, as it seemed to me that it is not quite normal that a child that went through so much pain could sleep peacefully for 2-3 hours!!!Before, my child was allergic to everything, even to “plain water”, after undergoing homeopathic treatment, she could eat (moderately) everything she wanted!!!Food poisonings, bloody stools, gastroenteritis, seasonal colds with headaches and sore throat, teeth eruptions, ablactation – we managed to overcome all that exclusively due to homeopathic treatment. Now we live in London, and our greatest concern was parting with Mrs. Savciuc – our guardian angel, but Skype came to help us!!! Prior to giving birth, I suffered from hormonal imbalances, which I could only temporarily treat with hormones, after ablactation the problem reoccurred, so I said to myself that I must try homeopathy as well, since it helps my child. Now, I forgot what headaches or menstrual cramps accompanied by fever mean, and I stopped stuffing myself disorderly with hormones!!! I hope my story will help those hesitant, as I am sure that if I turned to for help at the right time, I could have avoided many of the above-mentioned problems. Whatever the health problem in our family, I call my homeopath first, afterwards I no longer need the services of a conventional doctor!!! Maybe this is what those who deny homeopathy are afraid of?!

P.S. English people are very pragmatic, and the unmotivated antibiotic treatments in children are heavily punished here. Homeopathic drugstores and clinics are very many and extremely expensive, they know how to take good care of their own health, the British royal family does it too; we follow their example and urge everyone to follow it as well (it is never too late)!!!!!!!

-Natalia Septelici // London, Great Britain

Taking into account that our child was frequently catching cold and that each time he had to take antibiotics, being two years of age, I told myself if we are going to continue like that, we will not go far. Then I decided to try homeopathy. I was amused and pleasantly surprised to find out that this treatment really worked! We were lucky to have met Mrs. Tatiana Savciuc, an exceptional doctor, an outstanding specialist, to whom we owe thousands of thanks and who consulted and keeps consulting us whenever we call her, regardless of the time and day. We have been undergoing the prescribed homeopathic treatments for about three years now, and we are very happy with the results. I can say for sure that I have gained trust in homeopathy! I am very pleased that I made the right choice!

-Cutescu Elena // Washington, USA

For me homeopathy means Dr.Tatiana Savciuc – a person with big heart, doing her job with grace and great skill. She is the light at the end of the tunnel we have been looking for many years. Up to the age of five, my little daughter has gone through a chain of harsh experiences, but after we introduced her to homeopathy things have improved. I witnessed many positive changes in my child, but the best effects I felt on myself. Before, I had terrible sore throat that would hardly go away and then only after taking many medicines; now, I feel almost perfect after taking the first dose of the homeopathic remedy. I am happy I opened myself to Mrs. Tatiana, whose warm look and sincere smile gave us hope for a better tomorrow. We thank you sincerely for everything!

-Cristina Olaru // Republic of Moldova

Big bags full of medicines (antibiotics at the top of the priority list), sleepless nights because of fever, all the family members (especially the youngest one) one by one “borrowed” the virus brought by the eldest from school. This is how we lived for eight nightmarish months (including in summer). I was crying in despair and felt helpless, at the end of my strength. It seemed to me that my children were punched from the inside out by so many medicines. After taking in august two antibiotics, one after the other, my 10-month child was catching one cold after another. I said to myself: “I should try this too”. So, I went to the homeopathy center. I exited it holding two small packs with granules. When my mother saw the “treatment”, she burst into laughter: “This is the whole treatment, you say?” The following morning I was shocked to discover that my nose was no longer running. I have been shocked very often during these five years since the homeopathic remedy has entered our life. Sometimes I feel like I have a magic wand in my hand. The main benefits that make me turn to homeopathy include: effectiveness, ease of use, lack of toxicity and low cost. I wish everyone to be healthy!

-Tatiana Solonari // Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

Homeopathy gave me confidence and hope that I can treat without causing harm. When I lost hope of finding an effective and harmless remedy for my child who did not get out of bronchitis, pneumonia and pancreatitis because of antibiotic use, only the homeopathic treatment helped us. It is pity that this outstanding opportunity to treat diseases with homeopathic remedies does not become the first treatment method of all doctors, that the amazing results of this remedies are hided from the public and that the allopathic doctors promote the interests of pharmaceutical companies and are not interested in finding the truth.

-Nanu Dorina // Germany

My children and I know Mrs. Tatiana, and respectively are familiar with homeopathy, for five years now, since the day I called her in desperation, when my 8 month old daughter was sick for the previous 6 months of her life and under intense antibiotic treatment, prescribed for colds, which my daughter was catching regularly; since then, she had never taken them again, but only homeopathic granules, tasty and easy to use! Any health problem was treated with the help of Mrs. Tatiana’s magic granules! For this, I would like to thank her sincerely for the help, availability and receptivity at any time of the day! I would also like to thank her for my healthy children, who rarely get sick, and when they do, they recover quickly, thanks to homeopathy. For us, she is our guardian angel and our savior! Although, now she is thousands kilometers away, she never failed to treat us as effectively!

-Cristina // Chisinau, Moldova

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