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Bedwetting - homeopathic treatment

Bedwetting – homeopathic treatment

Bedwetting is urination during sleep, after the age at which bladder control would normally be anticipated. Bedwetting is also known as nocturnal enuresis. Children learn bladder control at different ages: younger than 4 often wet their bed or clothes because they can’t yet control their bladder. But, most children are usually able to stay dry through the night by the ages of 5 to 6. Bedwetting causes great distress and embarrassment. It is important to understand that occasional bedwetting is a normal happening in the growing process, and that medical treatment is available for children who have it too often. Homeopathy provides a natural and safe treatment for nocturnal enuresis. Below is presented a successful case wherein bedwetting was solved with a homeopathic treatment.

 Clinical case: bedwetting – homeopathic treatment

One day, a woman with a 9-year-old child came to see me with the following problem: the child has difficulties controlling his urination during the day and wets the bed at night. Enuresis is primary, and thus the problem has been always present. The accidental bedwetting happens quite often – almost every other day – and at night, he rarely ever wakes up to go to the toilet. Besides that problem, the child also suffers from eye twitching, which appeared 2 years ago, when he started attending school. He sleeps restlessly, changes his sleeping position frequently, speaks and twitches while sleeping, and often has nightmares. His back sweats whenever he tries to fall asleep. The child is very nervous, agitated, short-tempered, prone to crying, and hardly concentrates. Sometimes, aggressive episodes are present. The child gnaws his nails. He is afraid of the dark, strangers, people speaking rudely and vulgarly, and dogs.  It should be mentioned that at the age of three, he was bitten by a dog, becoming so frightened to the point where he wet his pants and lost his stool.

Objectively, an inner agitation of the child was observed – his feet are always restless, and his hands are always searching to do something. The child is hyperactive. He is an extrovert – very social and talkative. He prefers meat to fish; he is moderately thirsty. Stool is without abnormalities.

Anamnesis: he is the first child; a wanted pregnancy which went without problems – the birth was natural, on time, and without any complications. The child was growing up and developing according to his age, without any abnormalities.

Personal history: the child has undergone two adenoidectomies, and suffered from bronchitis and pneumonia.

After case analysis, the homeopathic remedy Zincum metalicum 200 was prescribed.

Follow up #1 (in 5 weeks):

At the beginning of treatment, the child had been getting more aggressive, and his eye twitching became more frequent. Bedwetting occurred daily. Then, every symptom started tapering off: he became calmer and friendlier, and his eye twitching was less aggressive and less frequent. The cases of bedwetting were less in number.

Decision: Wait. No medication.

Follow up #2 (3 months since first visit):

The child feels well; he is less impulsive and less violent, and the twitching has disappeared – only when he puts a hat on, does twitching occur in the forehead. The patient started having headaches afterschool in the afternoon, which get aggravated by loud noises. The child keeps gnawing his nails.  In the previous month only two cases of nocturnal enuresis had been registered. The restlessness of feet is still present.

Decision: The remedy Zincum metalicum 200 was repeated.

Follow up #3 (6 months since first visit) :

No complaints. No headaches. The patient is calmer; more tranquil. He stopped wetting his bed and gnawing his nails. No more eye twitching – except when he puts his hat on, but this becomes less obvious. Feet restlessness has decreased. His sleep is restful, and he gets no more nightmares.

Disclaimer: All the clinical cases presented are real stories, and these patients have been personally treated by me. The results of a homeopathic treatment can vary, and the examples given do not claim this to be typical or common results. However, these results are meant to showcase the best of homeopathy and what it can do to one’s diseases and conditions. It should not be taken as average or typical results.

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