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Homeopathy for children

The benefits of homeopathy for children

Among the different therapeutic approaches to treating children, homeopathy proves to be an excellent solution. The potential for homeopathy is much greater and it is a useful treatment for many problems that occur in childhood. Growth and further development of the child is very important and homeopathy is a wonderful tool to any problems that may occur.

Homeopathy is safe and gentile and it should be the first choice for all family members. Children respond better to homeopathic treatment and much faster than adults, being fewer loads of toxins and not as exposed to life stress. It is important to have a better start in life, growing healthy and vigorous, and homeopathy offers to you.

There are many reasons to choose a homeopathic treatment for children:

  • it is natural, safe and non-toxic
  • benefits on all levels from the physical to the mental, emotional and spiritual
  • address the underlying causes of illness
  • one dose lasts a very long time in action
  • easy to administer, because they taste sweet

 Homeopathy is used effectively and efficiently and does excellent work in many conditions as:

– frequent colds and cough,
– throat infections and adenoids,
– headaches,
– recurrent ear infection,
– stomach aches,
– constipation,
– bedwetting
– skin eruptions and eczema

If you have concerns with your child’s growth or assimilation of nutrients, homeopathic treatment corrects these problems at their core. A deep-acting remedy can reach hereditary issues related to development, cognition and immunity. Some complex conditions that have genetic cause, such as allergies, psoriasis and asthma can sometimes take several years of treatment, but under homeopathic treatment the child will be noticeably better each season.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine, so the correctly prescribed homeopathic remedy encourages the recovery and balance on all levels. Homeopathy is respectful of the mind-body connection and place great value on the mental and emotional symptoms. There is a wide range of emotional and mental conditions that homeopathy can help children with, such as:

  • anxiety and fears
  • ADHD, ADD and autism spectrum
  • behavioural problems
  • excessive anger and nervousness
  • hyperactivity
  • nightmares

Homeopathy can be used to all ages and it can be helpful in a lot of chronic illnesses and acute as well. Sometimes the patient has a bunch of symptoms without any diagnosis. In these cases homeopathy thrives because the homeopath makes the prescription based on the totality of symptoms. So, if a particular disease has not been diagnosed, but the child is not feeling well – it is the perfect time to visit a homeopath. If you wonder about the use of toxic medicines – choose homeopathy. If your child has taken many antibiotics, but the illness is coming back – homeopathic treatment will reduce the frequency and intensity of illness, so there won’t be any need for antibiotics.

Homeopathy for children can be used alone or in addition to traditional medicine. It does not typically have any contraindications. In case you are looking for the services of a certified classical homeopath, you are in the right place. I will do my best to help you and your children for many problems that occur in childhood.

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