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Irregular Menses, Anemia and Depression

Depression, Irregular Menses and Anemia – homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is often sought by patients with depression. In classical homeopathy, the treatment consists of two main elements: the case history and the prescription of an individually selected homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy works with the body’s natural intelligence to stimulate the body’s own ability to restore health and healing from the inside out. Homeopathy takes the physical, emotional and mental symptoms into effect before prescribing individualized treatments. When you achieve mental, emotional and physical harmony the body is primed for health. When one area is out of balance, from mental, physical or emotional stress, this upsets the rest of the body and symptoms show up in other areas.  Please find below a successful case treated with homeopathy to see how a homeopath individualizes the case. This case also illustrates the progression of disease on emotional-physical-mental levels.

Clinical case: Depression, Irregular Menses and Anemia

Main complaint:
Depression. “All the time I want to cry, I feel sadness inside, in spite of having a beautiful family, two great child, and a wonderful husband. We have a beautiful house and my husband has a great job. I like the weather, the people and the nature in my new country. My children are happy here.  I do not have any reason to feel so bad. I cannot understand why I feel so depressed. Every day when I wake up, I don’t want to live. I feel like my life is finished. I try to focus on my family, but I I don’t have enough force to live like I lived before, I feel almost dead inside. I always cry.  Usually I do not cry in front of my family. I try to convince myself that my hormones are responsible for this situation, and in a short time all will be ok. But day by day is worse. I asked my family doctor for anti-depressive drugs, but he refused to prescribe it.”

Irregular menstruation, and when they come are very heavy and prolonged. Migraines during the last 10 years – very painful, one sided, “is not the same side every time, the side changes”. The pain was like “a hummer is knocking”, worse from noise, from light. Sleep does not improve the migraine.  Usually she has to take Advil. The migraine happens only once in every few months.

She is introverted, and keeps all her emotion inside but sometimes she “explodes”. Now she is very sensitive and it is very easy for her to cry. She does not like to be seen when she is crying. She would like to be a more confident person. Her sleep is good. Her energy level is 6, on scale 1 to 10. Her energy is less in the morning and she does not wake feeling refreshed. Stress: prolonged grief, her dad died a year before her move to Canada. Same winter she had the worst pneumonia, shortly after menses issues started.

48 year old woman, blond hair, brown eyes, pale skin. She looks tired; sadness could be read in her eyes. She is tall and fit yet in spite of that she gained 9 kilos in 8 months, it happened 1 years ago, when she was taking hormonal medication. She is a physically active person, enjoys running, swimming and going to gym. In spite of making changes in her diet, she could not lose any of the weight she gained.

She is a chilly person, feels better in warm weather (lack of vital heat). Usually she perspires underarms after physical effort, but recently she started to perspire profusely during sleep. She has to wake up and change her pajamas, even to change bed sheets. It started one year ago.  Everywhere she goes she has to have a bottle of water, just to have it, but she doesn’t drink more than another family member. She craves chocolates and ice cream. Even though fruits produce flatulence, she likes them. She is aggravated after red sweet pepper, onion and garlic, fat food, bacon, fried food. Her bowel movements are not regular and she has to control this with diet.

Medical history:
Irregular menses started 2 years ago. Her menses were always regular but after she had pneumonia, she missed them for 2 months. A pregnancy test was negative. Her family doctor said that it might be climax. Note: her mother’s climax was at age 50. Doctor didn’t see anything to worry about and refused to refer her to a gynecologist. After 2 months her menses started. It was heavy, clotting, with bright blood and was prolonged. She was scared, but her family doctor mentioned it is something “normal” in her case and not to worry. Her menses stopped in 2 weeks, without any medication.

After some months all this picture repeated again. Her general state was worse day by day as she was exhausted, had vertigo and weakness. She almost lost consciousness at times. Her family doctor did some blood tests and prescribed Feromax – a drug for anemia. For one year she was suffering from irregular menses. When she went back home to visit her relatives she also saw a gynecologist, who recommended Climonorm – a biphasic hormonal agent containing estradiol valerate and levonorgestrel, used for hormone replacement therapy. After she started to take it – all came back to “normal”. Her menses became regular, not heavy, for 5-7 days.

She was on medication for one year and gained 9 kilos. She insisted that her family doctor refer her to a gynecologist and finally she got the consult.  The Gynecologist said the hormonal drug was not a good choice for her case, and would cause more problems, so she stopped taking it.  Then her menses started being again prolonged, with bright color, and very heavy. The menses stopped without medication in 2 weeks. She felt very exhausted, very weak, “I was like a shadow”.

Case analysis:
I will present it in a simply way, though the case analysis process is more complex and detailed. Ailments after grief, sadness, depressed, apathetic, she cannot enjoy life, feel she is “dead inside”, “without emotions” – points to the Acidum Phosphoricum picture. Gelsemium and Acidum Phosphoricum have weakness as a predominant symptom, but nothing more from Gelsemium picture to fit the case. Sepia – is another good remedy for depression and irregular menses. Sepia’s depression state is quite different then what is related in the case above. Usually, a Sepia case is overwhelmed by her family duty, disconnected and indifferent to the family – in our case she is worrying about them and taking care of them with a lot of compassion and love. Profuse perspiration during night – is a characteristic symptom for Acidum Phosphoricum. According to Phatak – Acidum Phosphoricum has irregular and heavy menses. Presence of proteins in urine during pregnancy is characteristic for Phosphoric Acid (grade 2) – that fits to the case. Also Acidum Phosphoricum is known as a great remedy for recovery after pneumonia. You can find pneumonia in her medical history, the worst one just before her menses complaints started. In my opinion, everything started after she lost her dad, to whom was very attached, shortly after she left her country and had to integrated in a different culture. This demanding on emotional level situation weakened her body. Her vital force was not strong enough to bring a full recovery after pneumonia. The imbalance just changed location from lungs to genitals. After taking the hormonal drug, the misbalance was moved to a more profound level, to the mental level, expressed through depression. The Acidum Phosphoricum 200ch was prescribed.

Follow Up #1 after 1 month

Depression is a lot better: she has more energy and more lively. Her mood is more happy. She opened a day care center. So, “Now I have a lot of work and a lot of responsibility, I feel useful and I am happy that I bring some money to the family.” She did not have vertigo any more, did not have headaches and is so surprised by this. “How can just one remedy do this?” Her menses did not come yet, last one was one months before I have seen her. Her bowel movements improved, she has stools daily now. She was very excited that she could eat grapes and apples and did not have flatulence anymore. “It is more than one year I did not eat any apple and grapes, but now I could not to stop eating them.” She has hemorrhoids, and she uses Proctosan cream. She had hemorrhoids before, around 3 years ago and used this cream. Proctosan ingredients: Ratanhia MT, Aesculus hippocastanum TM, Collinsonia canadenses MT, Paoenia officinalis MT, Negundo MT.

Twenty years ago, when she breastfeed her son she had mastopatia on her right breast. After that she had fibroadenoma twice on her right breast. Now, she found a nodosity, just a little up from her brfeast, near the underarms. It seems to be small like a pea. “I feel much better now and I would like to continue with homeopathy. And I am just surprised what the remedy did.”

Prescription – Acidum Phosphoricum 1M one dose.

Follow Up #2, in 3 months from the initial appointment

– “I thought all day what to say to you, and I realized that I do not have any complaints. I feel well. My periods are back to normal. My business is doing well. In spite of having a lot to do and a lot of responsibility – I can manage it all so easily.” She opened a day center and has 7 kids each day. “In the evening I feel tired, but the next day it looks like at night I recharged my battery. I wake up refreshed, before alarm. It is so weird to me.”
– “Why?”
– “Because all my life I was a “late bird”, liked to wake up as late as I could. But now…I wake up before the alarm…at 6:00am…it is unbelievable. And I am refreshed and full of energy. Does the remedy works in such a way? I cannot understand how it can be. Another thing that it is so strange… the nodosity in my breast disappeared.”

Summary: The client started taking Acidum Phosphoricum 200ch, with a lot of benefits: improving on the mental and emotional levels. On the physical level there remain some complaints related to her menses, with some improvement: specifically not so heavy and without pain. And also some symptoms came back – hemorrhoids and a nodosity in her breast. After Acidum Phosphoricum1M the case was solved on a deeper level. Hemorrhoids and nodosity disappeared and her menses are now back to normal. She is full of energy and vital. I have been in contact with her 6 months after the last visit, no complaints.

Disclaimer: All the clinical cases presented are real stories, and these patients have been personally treated by me. The results of a homeopathic treatment can vary, and the examples given do not claim this to be typical or common results. However, these results are meant to showcase the best of homeopathy and what it can do to one’s diseases and conditions. It should not be taken as average or typical results.

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