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First Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathic consultation is very different from appointments with your doctor. Homeopath needs to do a thorough investigation in the mental, physical and emotional plane of a person to select a homeopathic remedy for him. Homeopathic remedy selection is very complex; we need to match the holistic picture of the individual with the right remedy.  

Are you curious what the first homeopathic consultation is about? Every homeopath will do things slightly differently depending upon the homeopathic methods they are using in their practice and how they were trained. But a typical first homeopathic session will cover all these steps.

Paper work
First of all, you have to fill necessary forms: consent forms and the homeopathic questionnaire prior to your appointment. At Renewal we are paperless, and as you are booked you will receive all “paper work” in your email.

Case taking
Case taking is the process of collecting all the facts about the patient, using various tools like observation, perception, history-taking, in order to find a remedy for the patient – using our knowledge of Homeopathic Materia Medica, Organon of Medicine, and Repertory. Homeopath listens to your problem, why you are here, your health concerns and health goals, and he does this in an unprejudiced way.  

Main health issue
During first homeopathic consultation your homeopath gathers as much information as possible about the main problem.  The duration of illness, how it feels like, when it is worse, how you are getting relief and how it is affecting your life. The main focus is to understand everyone as a whole and to determine what makes you and your ailment individual and different from other people with similar ailments.

Previous health history and treatments taken
The homeopath may ask about childhood infections (bacterial/viral/fungal infections), previous health issues, allergies, any history of poisonous bites and accidents. They will give the evolution of the health of the person which will help in selecting the correct remedy, potency and the dosage to be given. For children, the history of pregnancy, delivery and nursing will be very important.

Diet and lifestyle
Each one of us differs from others around us, not only in our appearance or manner of talking, but also in the way we feel and think, in the way we react, in the way we view the world around us, in our natures and temperaments, in the foods we like to eat, also in the kind of diseases we suffer from. Homeopathy recognizes the individuality of each patient food habits, aversions, desires, food intolerance, bowel habits, the way you sleep, weather preferences, sweating, habits, physical activity, etc… also help in remedy selection.

Emotional health
Symptoms of the disease are expressed in a person’s emotional plane as well. Every individual has their way of expression of their discomfort. Homeopathy considers the emotional expression of a disease for individualization. Fear, anxiety, stress factors, social life, relationships and past emotional trauma will also influence the remedy selection. To get the correct match, the emotional pattern of the person needs to match with that of a remedy.

Repertorisation is a bridge between the analyzing the case and matching the remedy picture in the Materia Medica. Homeopaths are trained in categorizing symptoms and finding out the correct match. They are also trained in using modern tools and software to find out correct remedy. There are many different approaches in homeopathy for selecting the remedy.

Homeopathic recommendation
The homeopath will give the instructions about doses and the repetition of the remedy. The homeopath will explain when you have to come for a follow-up visit. Chronic cases may require 3 or more follow up visits.

Book your Follow Up
There is no quick fix in homeopathy, especially in chronic cases. Homeopathic remedies stimulate our self-healing power and healing may take time. Regular Follow-up appointments help you achieve optimum results, as the consistency in using homeopathic medicines is the key to success. You will get ongoing support from your homeopath in your healing journey.

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