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Homeopathic consultation

Usually people who are new to homeopathy ask me: What is the first homeopathic consultation all about? What do you do during the first visit? The shorter answer is: The homeopathic consultation consists of asking questions and more importantly listening most attentively to the answers. If you are looking for a more detailed answer, here is why.

Homeopathic consultations are very different from an average appointment with a doctor. The homeopath do not diagnose medical problems. If you need a diagnosis, I encourage you to see a doctor. During your appointment homeopath will like to find out as much as possible details about your main concern.

Let’s say that the main concern that brings you to a homeopath is headaches or migraines, in this case it should be covered:
– where in the head is the pain;
– what sensation exactly do you feel – throbbing, burning, sharp or dull;
– how it begins and how it ends;
– how long it lasts;
– how long you have had them;
– any accompanying symptoms such as nausea or visual effects, and whether they are before, during or after the migraine;
– any tests you have had;
– what treatments have you used, and how effective were they;
– what brings the headaches/migraine on: lack of sleep, perhaps, or overwork, or worry, periods, or certain foods;
– how is the headache/migraine affected by light, heat, eating and drinking, sleep, time of day, movement, rest, or your position;
– I shall map the frequency, looking at seasons, days of the week, and for women, your hormone cycles.

It will be the similar enquiries for whatever you consult the homeopath about: skin problems, depression, anxiety, stomach ache or any other health condition.

Because the focus of the homeopath is to understand everyone as a whole and to determine what it is that makes him individual with the ailment, he will ask you about what foods you like or hate the most and any sensitivities, what is your posture during sleep, how much do you sweat, your nature, what are your dreams, your childhood background and your family’s medical history etc… It is also important to know your response to the physical environment: heat and cold, damp and storms, and the way you feel at different times of day or night. Your moods, and your relationship with other people, are very important too. For children, the history of pregnancy, delivery and nursing will be very useful. Each one of us differs from others around us, not only in our appearance or manner of talking, but also in the way we feel and think, in the way we react, in the way we view the world around us, in our natures and temperaments, in the foods we like to eat, also in the kind of diseases we suffer from.

Once the homeopath has derived a complete picture of you as an individual, he attempts to match it with a very similar picture from homeopathic remedy. It is like finding the key to a lock. Any lock can only be opened by one particular key. There are over three thousand remedies in the Homeopathic Material Medica. If the exact homeopathic remedy is administered the results can be quite amazing. Feel free to look into Success Stories where are illustrated some cases from my experience. The beauty of Homeopathy is that it can do something for you too.

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