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hiking homeopathic first aid kit

Homeopathic first aid kit for hiking

Is your homeopathic  first aid kit for hiking ready? Let’s have a look into and go quickly through the most helpful remedies that should not be missed on your homeopathic kit.

Hiking is one the most popular outdoor recreation activity in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Being in the heart of wilderness, far away from closet town, it is good to be prepared in case of injuries. If the injures are treated promptly, most of them are minor. Remember homeopathic remedies are completely safe for all life’s stages and can be used safely with conventional medications.

Here are the most useful homeopathic remedies for hiking injuries that you should care with you and will help you in the absence of medical professional or in your way to see medical care.

Arnica montana is one of the best-known homeopathic remedies. If you will ask me to name just one remedy you have to have when you are hiking or camping, for sure it will be Arnica. It has been used for several trials to demonstrate the effect of homeopathic remedies on bruising and trauma. Many people are “converted” to the homeopathic cause after seeing spectacular results with this humble herb used for injuries especially sprains, bruising, head injuries, or wounds.

Apis mellifica is used for bee or wasp stings with heat, stinging pain and swelling. It works well in blister that itch, burn and sting, and better if cold water or ice is applied.

Cantharis is another homeopathic remedy that works excellent for blisters that are the result of sunburn or caused by scalding from hot water or fire.

Ledum palustre also known as Marsh Tea or Wild Rosemary is used on puncture wounds, animal and insect bites, and in certain rheumatic or arthritic conditions.

Rhus toxicodendron is very useful in poison ivy and well used for blisters surrounded by red skin, containing fluid that break open leaving small crusty areas.

Ruta graveolens is used for injuries to ligaments, tendons and the periosteum or lining of the bones. This remedy is of use in areas where the skin is close to the bone, and in injuries to cartilage and fibrous tissue. So remember about this remedy in case of overstrain, overuse, overexertion of joint.

Symphytum officinale  is also known as “knitbone” and bone-set in herbal medicine. It improves reunion of bones in fractures rapidly, used after the proper alignment of the bone fragments is secured. It is first remedy in mechanical injuries to the eyes, such as blows from blunt objects. Symphytum is also very important in cases of painful old injuries, where pricking, stiching, periosteal pain remains after wound has healed.

Don’t forget about:
cream or tincture – applied directly to cuts, wounds, burns (sun or fire/heat), poison ivy, itchy bites to relief pain, disinfect, prevent scarring and relieve itching.
Natural Bug Spray and Natural Sunscreen – both are just as effective as the conventional brands but they are free of toxic chemicals.

Important note: the above suggestions are not intended to replace conventional medical care. They can however, bring relief to minor injuries or be used as support while on route to the hospital for more serious situations. Ask your homeopath about direction to use. So, enjoy the hiking by staying healthy and safety!

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