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homeopathic first-aid kit for summer days

Homeopathic first-aid kit for summer days

In summer days, when everyone takes advantage of the nice time for getting out of the house as often as possible, make sure you have your homeopathic first-aid kit available. Some health problems can take us by surprise, especially when going with children, and not only. The thought that we are far away from home makes us worry. But having the homeopathic first-aid with you, can make your journey more enjoyable. So, let’s create the homeopathic first-aid kit for the summer days.

Aconitum napellus is the best remedy for the first hours of a disease, with acute onset, high fever with hot hands and feet, which appears after exposure to cold wind; there is sharp thirst with perspiration bringing relief. It is also useful for plethoric persons, who are going to travel by air and are prone to panic attacks, uncontrollable fear, and hypertension.

Apis mellifica is indicated in case of stings from a bee or other insects (Ledum palustre), characterized by a local edema, with hyperemia, redness and warmth in the sting area, pruritus, the symptoms being relieved after application of cold compresses.

Arnica montana is indispensable if you are going on a trip with small children; it is the first remedy to be taken in traumas, accompanied by ecchymosis; if immediately taken, it promotes the resorption of bruises. It is also recommended to have a cream containing Arnica in the first-aid kit.

Arsenicum album is the remedy that comes to help in case of “traveler’s diarrhea”, food poisonings with vomiting and diarrhea, accompanied by anxiety, unrest, fatigue and chills.

Belladona is useful in treating otitis, tonsillitis that have a sudden onset, high fever, throbbing headache, glassy eyes, flushed and congested face, with extremities cold as ice.

Cantharis has two main indications. Firstly, it is useful in treating cystitis, with frequent urination, accompanied by burning pains. It is also highly efficient in second-degree burns, when vesicles are being formed. In first-degree burns, characterized by hyperemia, Belladona will bring relief.

Chamomilla is indispensable in your first-aid kit if you have children under 2 years old. It will calm down the child that has difficult teething, accompanied by abundant salivation, green diarrhea, colic, is very capricious and it’s hard to please him, is a restless sleeper; but usually these manifestations disappear when  cradled in arms or taken for a car ride. It is also useful in case of otitis, when the child is very agitated, capricious and screams with pain.

Euphrasia officinalis will be of great help in conjunctivitis, when eyes are red and a yellow discharge is present, with acid irritating lacrimation, accompanied by insignificant rhinorrhea, with symptoms alleviated in open air and aggravated in the evenings.

Glonoinum is useful in case of sunstrokes and it is the first remedy to be taken for a congestive headache, which appears after a prolonged sun exposure. The headaches are throbbing and pulsatile in nature and are synchronous with the pulse, the face being red.

Nux vomica is indispensable to be in the homeopathic first-aid kit during holidays and is useful in case of excessive food and alcohol consumption. It is extremely helpful in enteroviruses with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, colic, abdominal pains.

Podophyllum is highly recommended to treat diarrhea in small children, characterized by runny, frequent, explosive, foaming and noisy stools. Podohyllum is most often prescribed for diarrheas that occur in summer, during hot weather, caused after consumption of acidic fruits.

Rhus toxicodendron should not be absent from your first-aid kit if you suffer from herpes. In addition, it is helpful in joint pains and will be especially effective in treating pains that are aggravated at rest and reduced in slow motion.

Ruta graveolens is indispensable if your holidays are very active and it is the first remedy in sprains and strains. It will bring relief in different traumas of the ligaments and tendons.

Silicea, also known as the “homeopathic scalpel”, is the remedy that will “push out” a splinter from the soft tissues, also often used to drain abscesses. It is useful in treating hordeolum in children. Please keep in mind that this remedy must not be taken without the homeopath’s prescription.

Tabacum will be of great help for those suffering from motion sickness: nausea, cold perspiration, chills, and pale teguments. Other remedies that can be prescribed to treat motion sickness are Cocculus, Petroleum and Sepia.

You should also include in your first-aid kit the Calendula tincture that is very useful for treatment of open wounds, as well as for gargle in case of tonsillitis: 20 drops are dissolved in 200 ml of cooled boiled water. A sunscreen with a protective factor should never be absent from your luggage, and exposure to sun and to peak sun hours 11.00 – 16.00 should be limited.

Although homeopathic remedies are harmless and free of side effects, they still should be taken only with under homeopath’s supervision. The frequency of administration and the dilution factor will be dependent on the seriousness and intensity of symptoms according to the principle: acute symptoms – a more frequent administration, and once the state of health is improved the administration is reduced/stopped.

I recommend you organize your homeopathic first-aid kit together with your homeopath that will choose the proper dilutions and give some advice on their administration. It remains for me to wish you healthy summer days!

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