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Top 7 homeopathic remedies for fever

There are a huge number of homeopathic remedies to deal with fever cases. Fever in itself is nothing more than a symptom, which signals that the body’s defense mechanisms have been activated. It is known that most viruses and bacteria are destroyed at a temperature over 38°C, and the temperature between 37-37,5°C is the best one for their multiplication. The body knows best how to fight against the “enemy” and our role is to assist it, and in no way to create obstacles, which would mean that the temperature below 38, 5°C  doesn’t typically require medical treatment.

During fever, the body’s defense mechanisms activate and a number of biologically active substances, such as interferon, are released. The peak of interferon production occurs on the 3rd day and viral respiratory infections are often cured quickly after that period of time. If the fever has been reduced medicamentally, the body will not produce the necessary quantity of interferon. As a result, the antibodies will help out, but this time the healing could take longer, sometimes even more than 7 days.

How to treat a fever at home

Care for a fever depends on its severity. A low-grade fever with no other symptoms doesn’t typically require medical treatment. A mild fever can typically be treated at home. When a fever is accompanied by mild symptoms, such as general discomfort or dehydration, it can be helpful to treat elevated body temperature by:

  1. Increase the water intake.
  2. Stimulate sweating – no medicine can compete with raspberry tea.
  3. Avoid your child get overheated: the optimum room temperature should be around 21°C; do not put on more clothes than necessary.
  4. Do not force your child to eat if he/she does not want.
  5. Let the body rest and sleep more so to have sufficient energy to fight against the invading viruses.
  6. Make an appointment with a homeopath. Homeopathy, being a medicine that follows the nature’s laws of healing, will stimulate the body’s natural healing powers to return the balance and health of the patient.
  7. Remember, in some cases, however, a fever can be a symptom of a serious medical condition that requires prompt treatment.

 Top 7 homeopathic remedies to treat fever:

  1. Aconitum napellus– prescribed for fever with abrupt onset, after the exposure to cold air (wind), especially if the body perspired. The body temperature is quite high at 38-39°C level, the whole body “is burning”, and the skin is hot and dry. The child is agitated, anxious and has excessive thirst. When your child comes out of the blanket, he/she has the chills; the fever is often accompanied by a headache with a sensation of outward pressure. Usually, the temperature rises after midnight and, often, as it decreases, the body perspires.
  2. Belladona – is recommended for high fevers with sudden onset, the face is hyperemic, hot teguments, and hands and feet are cold as ice, the skin perspires only on the covered parts. During fever, the child is not thirsty. Fever is accompanied by a throbbing headache. The child is agitated, and even if feeling sleepy, he/she cannot fall asleep. Hyperpyrexia with cerebral symptomatology also can be alleviated by the use of Belladonna.
  3. Bryonia – will be prescribed in case of fever which is accompanied by mucosal dryness: mouth, tongue, chapped lips. A thirst at great lengths of time and for large amounts of liquids is observed. If you add constipation or very hard stools here, then Bryonia is highly recommended. A severe strong headache as if the head is going to explode might be present. The child with fever should stay laid down and have peace and, since Bryonia effect is more aggravated by movements. If cough is present, it will be followed by chest pain.
  4. Ferrum Phosphoricum– is very useful in treating nervous and sensible children suffering from anemia. The fever is accompanied by shivers and usually occurs at one o’clock in the afternoon. It is recommended in early stages of inflammations, such as bronchitis, otitis, pneumonia, etc.
  5. Gelsemium – is prescribed for fever accompanied by a headache, radiating in the eye, with heavy drooping eyelids, the child is sleepy, stays calmly in bed and is apathetic. Muscle pain and a sensation of internal tremor are present; the face is reddish and hot. The shivers are felt down the spine. It is extremely effective against viral infections in cold and humid weather.
  6. Rhus toxicodendron – is useful to treat fevers after getting wet in the rain or after bathing in a river or a lake. The whole body feels sore, the pain being relieved by movement. Therefore, the child seems to be agitated, is relentlessly moving, and is yawning a lot. There is a coated yet red-tipped tongue. A dry feeling in the mouth and excessive thirst persist.
  7. Chamomilla – is most often prescribed for fever that accompanies tooth eruption, it gradually rises and oftentimes does not exceed 38°C. The child is very nervous, capricious, dissatisfied, upset and agitated and calms down if cradled in arms, carried in the arms or in the car. Hyperemia of a cheek is characteristic, with the other one being pale. Also, green, soft stool, accompanied by colic might be present.

These remedies are most often prescribed to treat fever, however these are not the only ones a homeopath relies on. There are more than 20 remedies that can be recommended to treat fever, each having certain individual characteristics, which have to be considered before prescribing them to a patient.

 The advantage of homeopathy in treating fever

 The properly administered homeopathic remedies will stimulate the body’s own healing powers, having the role of ‘supporters’ boosting the immune system in fighting against fever.

The immune system matures when the child contacts the disease. It is up to us, the parents, to decide what is best: “to cut” from what nature knows best by administering the antipyretics every time, even if the fever is mild, or to let the body learn its self-healing abilities being mildly assisted by homeopathy. The immune system cannot be bought, it can only be trained!

If you are over-protective, fearing various dangers, hold your child in arms and protect him/her from the outside world, he/she might be late in learning how to walk or even might never learn this skill. A similar thing is happening with our immune system. When we take medicines that hide the symptoms for a short-term, these don’t allow the immune system to learn how to fight the disease, thus, resulting in formation of a sick body, which more often needs a medicinal intervention, even in case of mild conditions.

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