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Homeopathic remedies for headaches

For headaches homeopathy offers hundreds of possible remedies, so the key is finding which homeopathic remedy most closely matches your symptoms.

The process of homeopathic prescription-making seems to be simple, but in fact it is quite complex and requires a detailed knowledge of remedies. The aim of this article is not about lobbying self-treatment, which most of the times will be fruitless and will cause great disappointment. This article shows the importance of small details in the prescription that the patient can observe in himself.

Choices of homeopathic remedies in headache

The homeopathic remedies useful in treating headaches are chosen depending on the individual characteristics of the headache: location – frontal, occipital, temporal on the left or right side, hemicrania, if it radiates (most often towards the eye) or not, on how it is felt, on the factors that intensify the pain, as well as on other associated symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies useful in headache according the cause

Very often before prescribing a remedy, it is important to find out the cause of the headache, for example, a headache occurring after sun exposure will require one of the following remedies: Glonoinum, Natrium carbonicum, Natrium muriaticum, Lachezis. If a headache occurred after the patient got wet in the rain, than Rhus toxicodendron, Belladona can be prescribed. Dulcamara will relieve headaches caused by humid and cold weather. In case of the headache caused by a cranial-cerebral trauma, Natrium sulfuricum will be the first remedy the homeopath will consider. The headache in school children can be much relieved by Calcareea phosphorica, Natrum muriaticum or Kalium phosphoricum.

Frequent homeopathic remedies in headache according sensations

It is highly valued in homeopathy when the patient can describe the sensations that characterize his headache, thus a headache with prickly sensations will require Cofeea, Thuja, Ignatia or Spigelia, and the sensation as if you have a tight band around your head will require the prescription of Gelsemium or Argintum nitricum. A throbbing headache, aggravated by noises, most often occurring after 15:00, will be relieved by Belladona. A diffuse headache commences in the occiput and radiates in the eyes, with a sensation of heavy drooping eyelids, and the patient has the sensation of having a tight band around his head, as well as the fact that urination decreases the intensity of the pain – in this case Gelsemium is the remedy that will save the patient. Natrium muriaticum is known as the number one remedy for patients with headaches that are felt as if there were little hammers beating in the skull.

Most useful homeopathic remedies in headache according location

Depending on the headache location, the homeopath reduces the number of homeopathic remedies that will be analyzed, because there are remedies with affinity for one or the other side of the head. If the headache is located on the right side than Belladonna, Gelsemium, Magnesia phosphorica or Sanguinaria are just a few of the remedies that can help. If the headaches are located on the left side than Spigelia, Lycopodium, Sepia, Kalium bicromicum or Staphysagria will be considered. If the headache is located on the top of the head than Lachesis, Calcarea carbonica or Actea Racemosa will be prescribed.

Modality plays an important role choosing the homeopathic remedy in headache

Also, factors that relieve or intensify the headache are of great importance for the homeopath; the patient can get rid of a headache relieved by hot packs by means of Silicea, while the headache relieved by cold packs might require the use of Aloe or Apis. If squeezing the head with something tight brings some relief than Argentum nitric may help completely get rid of the headaches. A headache aggravated by cough may require Bryonia alba or Nux vomica. If the coffee consumption intensifies the headache, than Nux vomica can remove it, the headaches aggravated by drinking teawill require Thuja, and the headaches aggravated by drinking wine will require Zincum.

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