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Is Homeopathy Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately homeopathy is not covered by the national health insurance plan in Alberta, Canada and is not realistic to expect it to be added in the nearest future, especially when so many other complementary therapies are being reduced or discontinued. However, many third party health insurance plans cover the fees for homeopathic consultation. Please inquire at your insurance provider about your individual coverage.

Many companies that offer Extended Health Care Plans cover expenses associated with homeopathic treatment. Please ask your employer for details on your coverage. In case your plan includes homeopathic services, you are encouraged to submit the receipts for homeopathic consultation to your insurance provider.  If the claim is turned down, submit it again. Sometimes the decision about whether a particular claim is accepted is based on the individual claim adjustors and their actions can be influenced by personal bias against homeopathy, company quotas, or even the person’s emotional state at the time.

Some companies have Health Spending Accounts in their plans, which allow you to choose what eligible service you wish to use and you can make it towards your homeopathic treatment.

Currently, Certified Classical Homeopaths registered with the Canadian Society of Homeopaths are recognised by the following companies for certain plans of extended health coverage:

* Sunlife
* Manulife
* Claim Secure
* Green Shield
* Medavie Blue Cross
* Pacific Blue Cross

The Canadian Society of Homeopaths is working to expand this list. Insurance companies will not cover the small expenses of homeopathic medicines because they tend to pay for prescription drugs only, and homeopathic remedies are primarily over-the-counter drugs.

For patients whose policy does not cover homeopathy, Canadian Society of Homeopaths encourage you to contact your claims department and ask for it.  Some insurance companies are saying that there is no demand for homeopathic coverage; however, according to CSOH the interest for homeopathy is constantly increasing.  Be very clear about your demands for homeopathic coverage:  you want to be covered for a classical homeopathic treatment provided by a Certified Classical Homeopath. For tips on working with your health insurance provider to expend your coverage to include homeopathy, you can also check the recommendations made by Canadian Society of Homeopaths.

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