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Homeopathy Department in Bavarian Government

Bavarian Government focuses on Homeopathy with new Department in the Ministry of Health, Germany. 

Bavaria is the first state to establish a Homeopathy Department in the Ministry of Health. Homeopathy was anchored in two ministries of health around the world and a third country is joining the ranks now. Taking India and Switzerland as models, Bavaria is establishing a homeopathy department within the Ministry of Health. Klaus Holetschek, State Secretary for Health, presented the new department and the ministerial councillor Elisabeth Nordgauer-Ellmaier has been named to be in charge of the new department in the Ministry of Health.

“People are using it. We must do a better research into natural healing methods, they will develop even more in the near future,” commented the State Secretary Holetschek on the anti-homeopathy lobby’s criticism. According to the politician in a statement from the ministry, the future lies in the meaningful coexistence of conventional and natural medicine therapy: “Modern medicine needs a patient-oriented health system in which scientific and natural medicine are on an equal footing”.

For greater use and political anchoring of homeopathy in Bavaria the homeopathy community has long been calling. The Hahnemann Society had initial talks with Health Minister Melanie Huml and the CSU health policy spokesman, Bernhard Seidenath in December 2018 at a “homeopathy summit”. The Homoeopathiewatchblog was the one reported about this meeting.

Following the summit, 42 CSU members of Bavarian parliament campaigned for the homeopathy tariff to be maintained. And the CSU had pushed through a study on the subject of “fewer antibiotics through more homeopathy” in the Bavarian parliament and simply doubled its budget after criticizing the study.

* CSU – the conservative Christian Social Union, is a regional Bavarian party, which plays an important role on the federal level as “sister party” to chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democratic Union).

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