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Homeopathy works in acute as well as in chronic diseases

Homeopathy works in acute as well as in chronic diseases

It is considered that homeopathy is beneficial in treating only chronic health conditions, however homeopathy works in acute as well as in chronic disease.

Homeopathy in chronic illnesses.

It is true that the chronic diseases receive a great aid from homeopathy because the latter boosts immunity and influences the general state of health. A homeopathic treatment rebalances the body so that its resistance to external factors will gradually increase and, as a result, the relapse will less likely occur. When we treat the person, but not the illness, all sorts of improvements are possible. The success is even more spectacular if the person has a high level of health, and its vitality and reactivity are quite good. However, the diseases that have long been treated with medications, especially immunity-suppressive drugs, such as cortisol, can only partially receive the homeopathic treatment. An allopathic suppressive treatment creates a barrier in the homeopathic treatment, so that besides the symptoms of the disease, we get the so-called side effects of medications, resulting in a messy picture. Thus, the prescribed drug for the false symptoms is not a true similium, and we should not expect too much from it.

Homeopathy is highly efficient in treating functional disorders and can be used to successfully treat all reversible disorders. However, if there are deep organic changes the homeopathic treatment will provide only a palliative relief and it might not lead to a full recovery.

Homeopathy in acute condition.

As for acute states, homeopathy can be used as a first aid to treat these states. There are homeopathic remedies that when administered during acute states at the onset of the disease have had a faster action than other medications. Thus, the homeopathic remedy prescribed for acute states can halt the progression of the disease and prevent it from chronicization. The homeopath has a great variety of remedies that can be prescribed in acute states, such as: burns, traumas, sprains, vomiting, fever, diarrhoea, headaches, etc. Therefore, in an acute, depending on the severity of the case, a homeopathic remedy administered at short intervals can in a few hours bring the patient to a good shape. In some cases, the remedy is administered every 15 minutes, because the patient needs urgent help and there is no time to waste. Even in your way to see an emergency aid you can take homeopathic remedy for a better recovery.

Time response to homeopathic remedy.

At the same time, the less chemical treatment the patient received throughout his life, the faster the response to homeopathic treatment would be. Another factor that affects the response rate to the homeopathic remedy in an acute case is the patient’s vitality, for instance the presence of some chronic diseases, as well as the miasmatic weight that can negatively affect the patient’s chances of recovery. The time when the homeopathic remedy is administered is also of great importance. A correctly chosen homeopathic remedy may be efficient during an hour for the first hours of an acute viral respiratory infection, when only subjective sensations such as abundant nasal discharge, malaise, fever, etc. appear, and quite often only one dose of this remedy is sufficient. For instance, Gelsemium 200 can cure an immense number of viral infections, but only if there is a similarity of symptoms.

A competent homeopath will treat with equal efficacy both the chronic and acute states. It is worth mentioning that if a patient receives a homeopathic treatment for chronic state, but in the meantime it develops an acute form, it would be most helpful for him to contact the homeopath so that he can recover from the disease much faster. The road to healing is based on mutual trust.

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