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About homeopathy


If you are new to homeopathy, you might come across a lot of new and weird words. Let’s go over a few in order to be able to understand the art of homeopathy better. Constitutional treatment – treating the whole person, rather than the symptoms alone, thereby attempting to enhance […]

first homeopathic consultation
About homeopathy

First Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathic consultation is very different from appointments with your doctor. Homeopath needs to do a thorough investigation in the mental, physical and emotional plane of a person to select a homeopathic remedy for him. Homeopathic remedy selection is very complex; we need to match the holistic picture of the individual […]

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About homeopathy

Vital Force

Homeopaths call it the Vital Force, Chinese Medicine calls it Qi, Ayurvedic Medicine calls it Prana. The human body is more than the totality of organs, and homeopathy considers that there is an essential force in every living organism that maintains the harmony of functions and also differentiates the living […]

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About homeopathy

Homeopathy Department in Bavarian Government

Bavarian Government focuses on Homeopathy with new Department in the Ministry of Health, Germany.  Bavaria is the first state to establish a Homeopathy Department in the Ministry of Health. Homeopathy was anchored in two ministries of health around the world and a third country is joining the ranks now. Taking […]