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Back to school stress and homeopathy

For many children going back to school can be stressful, and you will find that it can be especially challenging when children are starting school for the first time, changing to high school or moving to a new area. If you are also stressed about the new school year, you should know that homeopathy has so much to offer to a young family that is struggling with the ups and downs of adjustments and changes.

There are some steps you can follow in order to cut down the stress related to the beginning of the new school year: re-establish a sleep routine in advance, make a fresh start with healthy foods to nourish your child’s brain and help him grow and reassure them that it is normal to be nervous and emotional to a short degree. But, in case you feel that there is much more stress and more anxiety, homeopathy can help by providing a safe, non-toxic and non-addictive support.

There are many remedies to consider, but the most commonly indicated back to school stress relief remedies are:

Pulsatilla is a remedy for the children that are anxious about separation from parents, being an excellent remedy for the transitional stages. It suits children who are very sensitive, strongly emotional, shy, weepy and clingy and helps them adjust to change, easier separate from mum and gain confidence and independence.

Gelsemium is very helpful for anticipatory anxiety experienced for example before the first day of school, an exam or a speech in front of the class. This remedy should be considered when your child experiences weakness, such as jelly-like legs with a mind that goes blank, a complete inability to concentrate, possibly with trembling and stuttering.

Aconitum should be considered for more active anxiety with extreme fear and restlessness. It suits a child that is truly afraid to go to school. The child can feel faint and if there is strong anxiety it can lead to panic attacks with a sensation of not being able to get enough air.

Ignatia will be helpful for homesickness, sadness and emotional upsets. It’s especially useful if friends have moved to another school during the holidays.

Calcarea phosphorica can be helpful when children are growing quickly and have the typical tummy aches, headaches, enlarged glands, growing pains, easy exhaustion and whiny, discontented disposition.

Calcarea carbonica should be considered for kids who tend to be quite slow and plodding, requiring more time to finish their work, manage change and adapt to new situations and when they are pushed they can be very stubborn.

These are just few examples of homeopathic remedies that can be helpful in case when your child is having a tough time getting used to the new routine. At the same time, these examples show the importance of small details in the homeopathic prescription.

I wish everyone all the best in the new school year, with lots of accomplishment and peace of mind.

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