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homeopathy treat

What can homeopathy treat?

“Do you treat bronchitis?”, “Do you have something for gastritis?”, and “Can homeopathic remedies help my headache?” The answer is affirmative every time, and I want to mention that homeopathy treats the patient and not the illness. The fundamental principle of homeopathy is individualization, with a holistic approach of the […]

Homeopathy for children

The benefits of homeopathy for children

Among the different therapeutic approaches to treating children, homeopathy proves to be an excellent solution. The potential for homeopathy is much greater and it is a useful treatment for many problems that occur in childhood. Growth and further development of the child is very important and homeopathy is a wonderful tool […]

ADHD homeopathy

Homeopathy – a chance for ADHD children

Is your child hyperactive and restless? Has your child difficulties with waiting for his turn when playing in a group? Does your child hardly concentrate on a task to complete it? Does he easily get distracted when doing something? If the majority of the answers were affirmative, I invite you […]