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Vital Force

Homeopaths call it the Vital Force, Chinese Medicine calls it Qi, Ayurvedic Medicine calls it Prana.

The human body is more than the totality of organs, and homeopathy considers that there is an essential force in every living organism that maintains the harmony of functions and also differentiates the living from the dead. The vital force determines the state of health in a living organism, including not only physical but mental and spiritual levels as well.

All living things – whether that be human, plant or animal – have an integrated force that maintains and directs life. This is a form of energy that underpins all biophysical and biochemical processes and separates living matter from non-living matter. Throughout history, this spark has had many different names, and it has been described in various ways. In the English-speaking world, it has been called the innate intelligence, life principle, life force, vitality, dynamics, regulatory force, or vital energy. In other cultures, it has been known as Qi, Chi, or Prana. Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, calls it the vital force. Literally speaking, “vital” means essential, while “force” means energy/power. From this information, we understand that vital force means “essential energy” or in other words “energy that is essential for life.”

The vital force is an energy that enables all living being to self-heal or to preserve life by adapting to environmental changes. When the life force is disrupted, it enters a struggle to regain its balance and keep the individual alive. This disruption can occur from mental shocks, such as deep grief, prolonged anxiety, terror, disappointment, and even extreme joy. The physical factors that can disturb the balance are: infectious diseases, trauma, unhealthy diet, extreme exertion, overwork, sleep deprivation, or exposure to extreme environmental conditions such as cold, wind, heat, humidity…

In the course of this struggle to bring the balance back again, the vital energy produces signs and symptoms. This is what the western medicine labels as a disease. The symptoms we think of as a disease are actually only by-products of this deeper energetic struggle. They give us, homeopaths, extremely important information on how to help the vital force correct itself rather than to just contain its imbalance so that the person can be fully returned to a state of health. While the imbalance created by acute diseases can be overcome by the regulatory force, the imbalance created by a chronic disease cannot – the life force can only contain it. In doing so, it engages in a long-term struggle to preserve life. The best-prescribed homeopathic remedy will stimulate the vital force and help the body heal itself.

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