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Why should I choose homeopathy ?!

There has been an increasingly general interest in homeopathy recently. Why do people choose homeopathy? There are many reasons for which patients turn to homeopathy. One of them is the desire to use less harmful and toxic medical services, a more natural medicine, with minimum adverse effects. Another reason is the over-saturation with the allopathic medicine, which recently is used abusively and often unjustifiably.

Since you are reading these lines, I hope you are looking for an alternative to chemical medicines, which constantly inundate us with advertisements and poison us more than they heal us. Modern medicine, as more and more discoveries have been made, has become increasingly dehumanized. In the hope of deciphering the mystery of life, researchers studied the matter, the organs, tissues, cells, and then molecules and other smaller and smaller structures, having forgotten that these structures are a part of a whole, of a being capable of thinking, volition and emotions.

The changes occurred at the level of organs or tissues, such as inflammations, ulcers, deformed articulations, cists etc. are not in themselves diseases, but rather results of the process of getting sick. These visible signs seem to be “red flags” signaling of an imbalance, which is no other than the result of some internal disorder. Have we ever thought that a troubled liver or kidney is impossible in a perfectly healthy body, and that all parts of our body are closely linked? A human being is more than a high-performance machine; it is more than the sum of all its “parts”!

Homeopathy sees the human being as a whole: an indivisible unity of mind, body and soul.

Suffering, be it physical or moral is an integral part of the existence of any human being and no one is exempt. It seems that, to a certain degree, it helps us evolve. Life is like a highway, along which we have to climb or descend from some ladders. A new imbalance, a new question lies at each step we make. If we manage to give an answer, everything will be fine; if we fail, an imbalance will occur, opening the doors for the disease to enter into our life.

The external factors, such as various microbes and viruses that surround us, take advantage from this imbalance, sinking into the window which is provided likewise the water rushes into a sinking ship. We must clean the mess inside ourselves, to balance this amazing world of cells that forms our body, in order to live healthily: free of pain, free of egoism, free of excessive passion and free to create! Thus, homeopathy is nothing more than a therapeutic method that joins the body in its attempt to restore balance and health.

Homeopathy proposes to extend the art of healing, supplementing quite well the allopathy; allows us to reduce allopathic medication and in many cases even to replace it; and to administer chemical medicines only in cases of real need. Homeopathy gives us the opportunity to balance the child’s psychosomatic condition and often reveals the cause of various development disorders. Without adverse reactions, homeopathy complies with its cardinal principle ‘Primum non nocere’ (‘First do no harm’).

 If you have reached the final part of this article, I hope that I have sparked your interest in homeopathy. I do not intend to invent anything new, because the laws formulated 200 years ago are still valid today. Undoubtedly, these pages will enrich your knowledge in this medical field and will broaden your horizon of thought. This webpage offers you a chance to get a closer look and become acquainted with the “secrets” of the most fascinating medical system in the world: homeopathy. I wish you a life full of health, harmony, happiness, inner peace and balance, in which you will be able to create!

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